Walmart Adds Google Assistant Voice Shopping

Walmart adds Google Assistant voice shopping to take on Amazon and Alexa

'OK, Google, ask Walmart to add bananas to my cart' this is how you take on amazon.

Walmart Store

Walmart's ongoing war of attrition with Amazon continues. The retailer is adding voice-controlled shopping to Google Assistant as part of a new "Walmart Voice Order" feature, marking its latest salvo against Amazon and its dominant Alexa platform.

Users can simply add Walmart to Google Assistant and link their existing Walmart delivery accounts. They will immediately be able to shop with Walmart via voice commands, just like Amazon offers with Alexa.

The new integration comes at an interesting time for Walmart. It recently dropped Google's Express shopping service, presumably to focus more on its own retail efforts (rather than funneling them through Google). The new Google Assistant integration reflects that. You'll use Google's voice service to add things to your cart and order products, but Walmart will actually process and deliver the order.

This isn't Walmart's only technology push either: the company announced a five-year strategic partnership with Microsoft for cloud services last year to better compete with Amazon in the digital space.

According to Walmart's announcement of the new Assistant integration, the service will be coming to more customers in the coming weeks, which means it may not yet work with your account.


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