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  2. 36. Do not show photos and videos in the gallery.
  3. 35. Recover deleted messages
  4. 34. Send a WhatsApp without adding to the contact list
  5. 33. Real-time location sharing
  6. 32. Recording voice memos without holding the screen down
  7. 31. Free space on Whatsapp
  8. 30. Read and write in stealth mode
  9. 29. States in Text
  10. 28. Delete messages before they are read
  11. 27. Delete whatsapp messages before they are read
  12. 26. Leave a chat fixed
  13. 25. How to use the new WhatsApp Statuses
  14. 24. Send Blank Messages
  15. 23. Creating Fake Conversations on WhatsApp

Before you could only video or audio call to a contact, but now you can make a video call with up to 4 friends. To do this you just have to start the video call to a friend normally, then click on the button ?Add participants? located in the upper right corner and finally add more friends from your list. 

36. Do not show photos and videos in the gallery.

WhatsApp now allows you to disable the option to display the photos, audios and videos of your conversations and groups in the gallery of your mobile.

  1. For chats, go to settings ? chats ? uncheck the box: Show media files in gallery.
  2. In the groups or a contact enter the group or contact information ? click on: Media file visibility ? select No.

35. Recover deleted messages

Recover deleted messages that a contact sent to you and then deleted minutes later. This way you will know which text message, voice memo, photo or video you sent by accident or that you later regretted and deleted them.

Download Free App | View Step by Step Tutorial

34. Send a WhatsApp without adding to the contact list

This is a way to maintain our privacy when we have to write to a new contact. This is an app that just by adding the phone number creates a chat in the WhatsApp app to start the conversion without having to add it to our contacts.

Google Play: Send Whats (Free)

33. Real-time location sharing

You can now share your location in real time with a contact by determined time: 15 minutes, 1 Hour and 8 Hours.

  • Click on the attach (Used for file and photo sharing) ? Then click on ?Location? ? Send my current location.
  • Select the time frame in which your location will be shared.
  • Click on send. At any time you can click on "stop sharing" located in the chat.

32. Recording voice memos without holding the screen down

It is an alternative that Whatsapp launches to send long voice notes (up to 15 minutes long) without having to hold down the record button on the screen.

  • First click on the attach icon and then select "Audio".
  • You will see a new option called "Record with WhatsApp" click on it.
  • In the new window click on record again and you can start talking without holding down the button.
  • When you are finished click on "Stop" and then on "Send".

31. Free space on Whatsapp

Now Whatsapp brings a function in the settings called "Data and Storage". Within this session it is possible to see the Storage usage of messages per contact, which are organized from largest to smallest.

If you click on any contact in this list, you can see in detail the number of text messages, audio images, documents and much more. To empty this chat, just click on "Manage messages" and then on "Empty".

30. Read and write in stealth mode

If you do not want to remove the double blue check of your Whatsapp but you would like to read first the conversations before marking as read and without being "online", with the app ?.. you can see the chats as if it were WhatsApp but independently.

This app checks the notifications and puts the conversations in order of arrival, it is like a WhatsApp clone only that serves to read the conversations without being online or to show that it was read.

Download Ninja on Whatsapp

29. States in Text

Now Whatsapp allows everyone to create text statuses as we do on facebook or instagram.

  1. Once the application has been updated, click on the pen button above the button to publish a status.
  2. Write the text and customize it to your liking with Emojis, font styles and Color.
  3. By clicking on the emojis icon you can add several emojis to the text. If you click on the T icon it allows you to change the font and finally the color icon goes changed color as you click on the icon.

28. Delete messages before they are read

Yes you sent a message to another person by mistake or you want to correct what you have written, Whatsapp now allows you to delete messages before they are read by the recipient, pBut remember that you only have 7 minutes to do so before you read it.

  1. Select the message you want to send.
  2. Click on the trash can icon.
  3. Select ?Eliminate for all? so that it does not read the message you sent it. But remember that it will be replaced by ?This message was deleted? so your recipient will know that you have deleted a message, but will not know that it said ?


27. Delete whatsapp messages before they are read

This new feature to delete WhatsApp messages before they are read not only applies to text but also to voice notes, gifs, images, videos and locations. However, our contact will receive the following message did you override this message? An interesting option is to be able to delete messages from the other contact.

Note: To have this new feature, it is necessary that you and the receiver have upgraded to the latest version of WhatsApp (2.17.184 beta). 

26. Leave a chat fixed

WhatsApp now allows you to select one or more conversations to always appear at the top of the chat. If you have many chats open but you want to keep your best friend, girlfriend or family member on top, follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more conversations
  2. Click on the Set icon.

NoteTo unset a chat do the same steps again.

25. How to use the new WhatsApp Statuses

These WhatsApp status updates will expire after 24 hours and your contacts will be able to reply to your posts. You can add drawings, texts and emojis to videos and photos like in Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

To create these new "status updates", there will be a tab called "status", where you can create your own or view others. Click on the (+) button to take a photo or video or import from the gallery.

Who Can See My WhatsApp Statuses

Once the status has been created, you can choose from these three options:

  • My Contacts
  • My contacts, except?
  • Just Share with?

24. Send Blank Messages

send-white-messageSend blank messages to your whatsapp contacts. You will receive the notification but without any message. Follow these steps:

  • Download the app Empty for Whatsapp
  • Click on the Send button
  • Select the contact
  • And click on send

23. Creating Fake Conversations on WhatsApp


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