4 HACKED APPS UNLIMITED spotify ,netflix ,youtube red



This modified apk you can watch all the channels,movies and series you want, without payments or that kind of stuff.

*you must also download block this, it is mandatory because if you do not connect from this VPN the apk will not start.


*Once connected to the VPN just enter the fox playa apk and that's it.

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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels without ADS and with Background Play in this YouTube application.

[No root] YouTube Play Music / Video background now with this latest version of youtube red apk 2018. Enjoy your favorite videos and channels without ADS and with Background Play in this YouTube application.

YOUTUBE RED MOD APK 2018. Characteristics:

  • It is not necessary to install a root
  • It is not necessary to uninstall official YouTube to install it as a secondary YouTube.
  • New method of hiding advertisements
  • Simplified modification to enable background playback
  • Activate / deactivate background playback through the settings
  • Force VP9 codec option for better video quality and lower bandwidth usage (Settings -> MOD settings)
  • Override maximum resolution limit (Configuration -> MOD configuration)
  • Preferred video quality switch (WiFi / Data) (Settings -> MOD settings)
  • Activate / deactivate information cards in videos (Configuration -> MOD Configuration)
  • Enable/disable hint cards in videos (Settings -> MOD settings)
  • Enable/disable channel watermark watermark on videos (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Pinch-to-zoom enabled on all devices
  • With the help of modified microG, Login & Casting works with all functions (advertisements on external devices are not guaranteed).
Youtube Red Download the latest version of youtube red apk - t5nO1RS 169x300 - YouTube Red MOD APK
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There are several ways to have a Spotify account and listen to music with it. The most popular ones are the two most used: the free account that includes ads and the Premium account for which you pay month to month. But we can not only listen to Spotify with these methods.

The bargain of APKs that give you access to Spotify Premium for free is over

In Android, there are APKs that allow us to have free Spotify Premium access. Yes, without having to pay a single euro. These APKs are modified to bypass some firewalls and offer the same as a Premium account but without paying a penny. As you can imagine, this is illegalalthough it was not very well controlled until now.

The situation has been changing for a few weeks now, since Spotify has launched a campaign to try to get all the companies to these users to stop using the fraudulent method. Currently we do not know how many users are taking advantage of this method, but surely a few thousand. If you are one of them, we are sorry to tell you that soon you will have to stop using this method. and switch to an account with advertisementsalthough you can take a look at these Free alternatives to Spotify.

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Features of the OGInsta + mod version:

  • Ability to install and connect to other accounts simultaneously in addition to Aynstagram
  • The ability to download videos and photos on Aynstagram
  • Share links to photos and videos
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The OGyoutube app has different variations for rooted and unrooted Android phones. For rooted phones, it is also available via Xposed modules, users must have Xposed Framework installed. Download the appropriate apk from the links provided below. Users must also install MicroG for OGyt along with Ogyoutube for proper operation.
micro G without error
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