You like listen to Podcasts while working or driving?
Table of Contents
  1. Starts on one device, ends on another
    1. Adjusting the playback speed
    2. Download episodes for offline listening
    3. Search Podcast from outside the application
    4. Use a different Podcast manager

Do you want to try a new alternative to keep up to date with the latest news? your favorite google podcasts?

Test Podcastsa relatively new application for mobile devices that you should know.

Starts on one device, ends on another

If you have more than one google device, such as a google Pixel, Google Home, or a google tablet...you can start listening to a podcast on one device and then on another, where you left off.

The Podcast app automatically saves the process position of the episode you are listening to.

Adjusting the playback speed

Adjust the playback speed to listen faster to any Podcasts. Fortunately the pitch remains the same, so voices still sound normal.

While listening to any podcast, bring up the player controls and click the 1.0x icon in the lower left corner. That will bring up a speed slider that you can use to set the preferred speed.

Download episodes for offline listening

Getting ready to hop on a flight? You may want to download some podcasts first.

And you will have to do it manually by tapping any given episode, then the download icon. You can see all available episodes in the download section of the home screen.

Search Podcast from outside the application

You are looking for a specific podcast? although Google podcasts has the quality to search in your application, you can also do it from the web.

If you find Podcast in google search, you can tap on episode and it will immediately appear in google Podcast where you can subscribe, download and play.

Use a different Podcast manager

Let's be honest: While Google podcasts will likely improve over time, right now it's extremely limited.

For example, as noted above, you cannot automatically download new episodes of your subscribed podcasts?you have to search for each one manually.

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