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  1. Will Amazon Game One be available for Android?

The company Amazon has published what is known as GameOna mobile video game social media platform that allows you to publish and share your gameplays.

Mobile gamers already have their own Amazon GameOne app, Nowadays mobile video games have gained a lot of reputation and more and more users are fascinated by them, that is why Amazon took into account this initiative, to develop its new service, GameOne.

The social network for mobile games in which you can share the adventures of your gameplays.

The leading digital commerce company began to show its interest in the gaming for the year 2014, when this purchase Twitchyes, just in case you didn't know Amazon owns Twich.

And now the latest is that he has made it very clear that this will be an area in which he will be very present.

Especially after his statement: Amazon Moon a gaming service in streaming the competence of google Stadia. 

GameOn Amazon
Game One Amazon

Will Amazon Game One be available for Android?


The application of Gameon is available free of charge at Play store and in Amazon App Store this is not just a common social network to share the rounds of your video games.

It will also provide you with the tools to record and edit your gameplay.

Once the installation is done, recording the game will be as simple as pressing the button RecIf you wish, you can also give it a more personal style by recording yourself with the camera to selfiesAll the videos you make will be stored on your device.

Once the recording is finished, you can edit the video click with the tool integrated in the app.

The time for the final result can last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, so it is not a system designed to transmit complete game rounds, but to highlight the most epic moments, experiences and the momentum of the game.

Once your game play is ready you can share it on the GameOn app so the community can see you in action, like and follow you.








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