Dash buttons from Amazon's on-demand press are discontinued.

Amazon's on-demand press Dash buttons are officially discontinued.

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Amazon's Dash buttons are no more. The little Stick-on buttons that allowed customers to quickly reorder popular household items with a press have been discontinued by the online retailer, as confirmed by CNET.

Dash buttons were priced at just $5 and were available for a range of brands spanning many categories, from paper towels and laundry detergent to condoms.

They could be mounted wherever it made the most sense, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else users might need a reminder to order something else.

Existing Dash buttons will continue to work "as long as the public continues to use them," CNET says. The company seems to believe that the smart home and its Alexa voice assistant have obviated the need for Dash buttons.


In addition, some appliance manufacturers have built the Dash replacement service

directly into their products to help consumers quickly reorder associated items.

The buttons made it effortless to rearrange common household items.

Last month, a German court ruled that the Dash buttons violate the country's consumer protection laws,

claiming that the press-to-buy mechanism does not provide sufficient information on the price of a product.

Amazon offered no indication that its decision to end all Dash sales is related to the German ruling.

Amazon told CNET that it has sold "millions" of Dash buttons.

The company even made virtual versions of the connected button in 2017.

Amazon has safeguards in place for accidental Dash presses: orders placed with the button can be canceled before they are shipped, and repeat presses do not trigger another order until the previous one is successfully delivered.

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