An App To Earn Money By Watching Videos

An App To Earn Money By Watching Videos

I am hearing a lot of good things about App Trailers.

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  1. I am hearing a lot of good things about App Trailers.
  2. A reliable app: Proof of payment
  3. 0.25$ for each friend you invite

It's an application that you install on your cell phone and then you earn money for every video ad you watch. In that sense it is similar to ApeLucy or LifeSlide, where you also earn for watching videos with your cell phone.

App Trailers is a very simple app and although it used to give many problems (some days you could not see the videos, black screens? ) it seems that they have solved those problems and now goes very well. And the most important thing is that they are paying. It is a new candidate to include in the list of apps I use to earn money.



The operation is very simple. You earn points for watching trailers (they are short videos, usually less than a minute), downloading other apps, scratch card games, etc. The points you accumulate can be exchanged for money in paypal or vouchers for Amazon, Starbucks, League of Legends, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. To give you an idea. It's like earning money watching videos in Gift Hunter Club but through a mobile application. Or another better example.

The "culprit" (in the good sense of the word) that made me download this app is my colleague FMR. In just one morning, he has earned 1500 points (equivalent to 1.5$) and this week he has managed to request his fifth payment. And he tells me that he keeps on climbing. I didn't think twice and decided to give App Trailers a little push. And here I am, writing a post about this new way to earn money.

A reliable app: Proof of payment

I leave you a proof to show you that this is a reliable site. The payment is not from me, but from FMR. The next payment I upload I promise it will be mine. Right now I have 180 points and until you have 500 points you can't request a paypal payment.


0.25$ for each friend you invite

Yes, of course App Trailers has a referral system but it does NOT work for Spain. For each friend you invite to download the app you get 250 points. Or what is the same 0.25$. Once you have the application on your mobile, they give you all the facilities to invite people. You can send an SMS to your friends, an email, post your link on twitter or facebook.

With a simple click you can send an invitation to your friends. This is the screen for inviting friends.


If we are friends on facebook you will have seen that this morning I published a post about App Trailers. I simply did it by clicking on the facebook button. It automatically came out in a message on my wall with my referral link. Too bad no one signed up. Hehe.

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