Android apps now available on Tu Teléfono for Windows 10

Android apps now available on Your Phone for Windows 10.

The Your Phone app continues to gain relevance on Android. Microsoft is making the most widely used operating system like an extension within Windows 10. Now, the possibility of using Android apps in Windows 10 is available to all users.

After a brief exclusivity for Samsung's new Android smartphones now the feature starts to be available for the rest. The new functionality will start to reach users in the next 48 hours.

The characteristic had begun rolling out to the general public last month.but had been doing so in waves based on regions and device types. Later this week, everyone with a compatible Android smartphone and a compatible device.  you should be able to view and access your Android applications on your PC.

A great feature that, if you haven't tried it yet, we strongly recommend you do so. You can check if your phone is compatible at the following list provided by Microsoft.

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android apps on windows 10

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With its own window and in the taskbar or Start menu

While the rest of the Your Phone integrations are performed in the Your Phone app itself, the option to run Android apps directly creates a new window and in essence behaves like a Windows app.. This means, for example, that we can pin them to the taskbar to open them quickly. It is also possible to navigate between apps (Android and Windows) with Alt+Tab without any difference between them.

Where we can find differences is in the operation and performance itself. Microsoft warns that not all Android apps will work flawlessly and some may be buggy. For example, it should come as no surprise if some of them display a black screen or do not support sound or keyboard and mouse input.

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