Apex Legends is outpacing the growth of Fortnite

Apex Legends is outpacing Fortnite's growth.

Apex Legends vs Fortnite

After almost two weeks of absolute media explosion, Apex Legends has already passed the threshold of "launch momentum" and we can already speak of a mass phenomenon. current. Comparisons with Fortnite only confirm this fact, so it is convenient to review, with numbers, what is the difference between the success of both titles followed by millions.

However, the figures showing the already confirmed superiority of Apex Legends in terms of launch goals are by no means plentiful. Although as the days go by, more and more are added, resulting in a closer projection of how much faster EA and Respawn's Battle Royale is compared to Fortnite.

Apex Legends vs Fortnite

Thomas Rice, one of the owners of Australian esports organization Darkish Sided, published a comparison in TwitterThe new version, with graphics included, which can be considered, up to now, the most visually complete.

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This is the reason why people are feeling positive on Digital Arts (EA). Apex Legends is not only having a strong launch, but also better than the most successful video game in recent history ?

Apex Legends has 10 million players in three days, and 25 million in seven. Fortnite, had to wait 14 days for the first 10 million, 41 for 20 million, and 112 (over three months) to reach 40.

Much has been pointed out in the networks about EA's strategy of paying users of the purple social. Although the fact is notorious, the truth is that Epic games are repeated to the same strategy in the first months of Fortnite, especially with many PUBG streamers, and it is already confirmed that Epic continues to resort to paid strategies, such as buying the keyword 'Apex Legends' for a Fortnite ad in their Google searches.

Counter Strike: International Ofensive was the only title to win the Fortnite brand, five times, during esports events. Apex Legends, ranks fourth in Twitch's all-time chart of most views in a day (via Gamoloco).

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