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The Corsair One Gaming PC to update with the last

 processors from eighth generation from Intel


Powerful processors.


The Corsair One Gaming PC came out last year offering an interesting idea: a gaming PC in the same vein as traditional consoles, meaning it was a pre-configured, pre-built box that users could expect just to work without any fiddling around with internal parts or power supplies.


And now, Corsair is releasing a couple of updated versions of the original Corsair One, boosting the processor to Intel's latest eighth-generation, six-core Core i7-8700K and bump the graphics card from the NVidia GTX 1080 to the upgraded NVidia GTX 1080 ti.


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There is two versions from Corsair One updated ? the Corsair One Pro Plus, that has 16GB from RAM, y the Corsair One Elite, that has 32gb. Like the original Corsair One Models, both versions come with a 480GB M. 2 NVMe SSD and a two TB hard drive for storage.


The Corsair One Pro Plus runs for $2,799, while the elite, with its extra RAM, will set you back an extra $200 at $2,999. Corsair also go to selling the models originals from corsair one (with the seventh generationCore i7-7700K from Intel y the GTX 1080) for $2.299 o $2.499, with 16GB o 32gb from RAM. The four models are available now at the web site from Corsair.


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