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Deezer Downloader V1.4.13 (2018)

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Application: Deezer Downloader v1.4.13
Download music in the best quality.
The application is only for downloading music and does not allow you to listen to it.
Songs are downloaded with cover art
In the settings, enter the quality in which you want to download the music.

1- Login to the application
3-Search Advanced settings
4-Search for SessionID and manually enter the following numbers and letters
6-Ready to download songs
Search for the song you want, let press the song you want to download for a few seconds until the download icon appears in the lower right corner, then click on the icon, the song starts downloading silently to see the download progress just go to the application settings and click on downlad.

Resultado de imagen para deezer
Get new deezer ID
Deezer Downloader.
Pulling ID from the phone with the Chrome browser.
From the browser place the link to deezer( ) create an account and log in, after logging in wait for the page to load properly, then put the page in desktop mode (you can find this option in the three dots in the upper right corner).
Once in desktop mode, click on the link bar and type the following at the beginning of the link without the brackets ( view-source: ), you will get many codes, look for the session ID on line 103, 104 or 105 (the line where the ID is located can change to another place) copy the ID you get and paste it in the Deezer Downloader application settings (settings/setting /advanced settings/sessionsID)
Each time the ID stops working, you must perform the same procedure for a new ID and paste it again in the Deezer Downloader application settings.

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