Making it as an Instagram influencer

Making it as an Instagram influencer

You've probably seen celebrities posting sponsored photos on Instagram,

but you don't need worldwide fame and millions of subscribers to attract the attention of advertisers. 

"Micro-influencers" with only tens of thousands of followers have also been able to turn their accounts into a business, especially when they have a close-knit audience that trusts their taste.

So what's life like when you're trying to turn an Instagram account into a business? 

To find out, my colleague Becca Farsace sat down with Janea Brown, an Instagram influencer. with about 30,000 followers who have spent the last year trying to build an audience. 

Brown charges between $ 2,500 and $ 4,500 for sponsored content, and has found some success so far; 

she says sponsored publications account for approximately 5 percent of her current output.

For now, advertising is still not enough to turn your account into a full-time job. 

But their numbers are growing, and with them comes the opportunity to find advertisers willing to reach a dedicated audience.

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