ML Manager: Extract APK

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  1. ML Manager: Extract APK
    1. 2. APK Extractor Pro ? Remove Installed App
    2. 3. Bluetooth App Sender APK Share

A very well designed and complete application to extract APK file, uninstall and share applications.

  • Manage installed applications for deletion, copying and sharing.
  • Manage system applications.
  • Mark as favorites, hide and view detailed information for each app.
  • Customize the design and management.
  • With ROOT: Completely erase app from factorycache and data.

Download ? Google Play

2. APK Extractor Pro ? Extract App installed

It is a very simple application that has 3 tabs: System App, My Apps and APK Folder. By clicking on the 3 dots next to each application shows us several options: Extract, Delete, Play Store and Information.

If you click on Extract, the app will be in the "APK Folder" section from where you can reinstall, compress, share or delete the Apk file.

Download | Google Play (Free with ads)


3. Bluetooth App Sender APK Share

It is another very interesting application to create the APK file of any application or game. The APK file is shared by any means or stored in the internal memory of the device. This way you create a backup copy or share the application with some contact. The process is as follows:

  1. Wait for the list of applications to load.
  2. Search for the app you want to create the APK file.
  3. Press and hold the application until the options open.
  4. Select extract APK in the downloads folder or share the app either by uploading it online, via bluetooth or another application.

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