Fortnite to give away $1 million in prizes

Fortnite will give away $1 million in prizes in its Winter Royale tournament.


Epic Games has released more information about the tournament, with a million-dollar prize pool, which is open to any player of Fortnite

fortnite winter royal

pic Games has given all the details about its next major tournament, Winter Royaleduring the course of the day.

Most importantly, for all players, this is the first open championship and will not require an invitation, unlike the Skirmish events we have been seeing in recent weeks.

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fortnite winter royal

The first phase of the tournament, the qualifying phase, will start next November 24 and the finals will be held in two different territories and on two different dates: November 30 and December 1 in Europe and December 11 and 12 in North America.

Those players who compete in the qualifiers starting in just a few days and finish with good results will be invited to compete in the various finals of the tournament.

The study has confirmed that while this first edition is limited to European and North American territories.Fortnite will have similar tournaments in other regions in the future.

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fortnite winter royal

All those who want to participate will have to select the tournament from the "Events" tab (Epic urges to be attentive to this section to know the definitive dates) and play games in the determined period of time; the videogame will take into account the best result, counting position and casualties, in order to qualify for the finals.

This Winter Royale is the first test of the online tournament system intended to be used next year to select the participants of the Fortnite World Cup. Little by little, and by repeating this formula, Epic Games intends to find the best possible format for the Fortnite World Cup.

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