Google unveils Pixel 3 phone, tablet and assistant

Google unveils Pixel 3 phone, tablet and assistant

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  1. The company of the popular search engine shows its devices after the storm unleashed by the security breach that has led to the closure of its social network
  • Three devices
    1. Google tablet and keyboard.
  • the storm unleashed by the security breach that has led to the closure of Google + and with the same target dad and the obsession with wellness. Under this category, they highlight the control of notifications and time spent on applications. A way of recognizing the digital addiction created by the combination of the latest generation of devices and social networks.

    They have not gone off script. The constant leaks have made these events lose some of the mystery. The new pixels, in two sizes, maintain a single rear camera, supported by its artificial intelligence systems. Google's mantra, repeated ad nauseam, is that it is impossible to take a bad photo with its terminals.

    Three devices

    Google unveiled three devices at once: Pixel 3, a cell phone; Pixel Slate, a powerful tablet; and Google Home Hub, a new home assistant, speaker with a screen. The latter is in direct competition with Alexa, a similar model from Amazon, as well as the Facebook's video calling portal launched just 24 hours earlier.

    "The home is the most important place in your life, so we want to come in and help you," said the executive with a tone of complicity. And he has taken the opportunity to deploy the catalog of Nest, a company that started out making smart thermostats and ended up being acquired. Now they are focused on security cameras and smoke detectors, without much echo outside the United States.

    Diya Jolly, manager of this division, has shown the benefits of the Hub: "It responds to voices naturally. It adapts to ambient light and has a design that fits in with your home". It is true that they have made an effort with the texture and pastel tones so that it does not clash with the living room.

    YouTube, its large video store, will play a leading role in the selection of content to entertain, with music and series, as well as tutorials to learn how to cook, sing, play the guitar or solve specific doubts. In the presentations, everything looks easy and seemingly effortless.

    Hub is intended to be the control center for all types of devices. Google claims that it is compatible with more than 1,000 devices already on the market, from light bulbs to televisions and speakers. It goes on sale in the United States for $149 on October 22, although it can already be reserved.

    Google Tablet and KeyboardGoogle tablet and keyboard.

    Pixel Slate, its tablet aims to be a hybrid between computer and giant mobile. Trond Wuellner, the man in charge of the device, has talked about lightness and usability, to try to emphasize that it is new category. "We've put it in the hands of filmmakers and artists to make productive, imaginative use of it. It's a new chapter for Chrome OS," he emphasized. Chrome OS is its operating system, a step beyond the mobile-focused Android. It has an eight-megapixel camera, integrates the voice assistant and has the power to handle spreadsheets. Following in Apple's footsteps


    The camera has been the central axis and they have announced an agreement with Annie Leibovitz, the famous photographer, whose next project will be made entirely with this mobile. It is the first time that the artist gives in to a brand to close a collaboration of this style. "The combination of hardware and artificial intelligence allows us to reach a higher level," they finished off to announce how the mobile will choose the best moment to avoid closed eyes, candles blown out instead of blowing or jumping into the pool full of splashing water.

    Another of the most common major problems is the zoomThe same is true of the quality loss points, which Google solves with artificial intelligence. The same is true for the selfies group, which is now able to retouch to fit friends. To this end, Google has made a controversial decision: dual front cameras but only one rear camera.

    In addition to having the latest Qualcomm processor and fast charging, Google has announced a charging pad, the Pixel Stand. One more sign of its concern to be considered a manufacturer in the style of Apple or Samsung. Pricing for the Pixel 3 starts at $799 for the mid-screen model.

    The range of smartphones Pixel 3 will go on sale in Spain on November 2 for a price starting at 849 euros, while Pixel 3 XL will be sold from 949 euros. In both cases it will arrive with Orange during a period of exclusivity.

    Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, has not appeared nor has he been quoted at any time. The presentation was held after the scandal over the failure that exposed the data of half a million accounts, which they did not report until half a year later and which has forced them to close their already failed social network Google+ (it lacked use, as the company itself admitted) only 24 hours before the presentation.

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