How to Download Complete Web Pages 7 tools

7 tools to download complete web pages

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  1. 1HTTrack
  2. 2Getleft
  3. 3WebSutcion
  4. 4WebCopy
  5. 5Web2Book
  6. 6Website Downloader
  7. 7Save as

Downloading complete web pages can have multiple uses. It can be used to work on a web design without the need to connect to the Internet. Or to make a backup copy on our computer. You can also save a web page to read it later offline. As we can see, the utilities are many and varied.

We may simply want to view the HTML code of a web page. A very interesting option for monitor the competition.

download complete web pages

In reality, there are many ways to view the code of a website thanks to the many ways to view the code of a website. tools for web designers that exist. For all these reasons, here are five tools for download complete websites.

The first option on our list is a program to download a complete web page and thus be able to view it on the computer without the need to connect to the Internet. It allows to exclude certain parts of the site that are not considered useful, even if a file or element takes too long to download the user can skip the process or simply cancel the process. The program is free of charge.

Other software to download web pages, and for free, in which you only have to enter the URL of the page you want to download. Before starting the download, the software asks the user which files to download.

Capable of download a complete web page or part of it directly to your computer. When you open WebSuction, the program starts with a wizard that asks you for the URL of the site, the file types you want to download or skip, and the page levels you are willing to save.

For download a complete website just press the key F5 and then wait for the files to download. A progress bar will indicate the status of the download, while from the lower corner of the main window we will be able to see the total size of the files that are being downloaded. This is the fastest option if what we want is to copy entire web pages.

This program allows you to read and view web pages without Internet connection. It is even capable of convert pages to text, HTML or PDF formats. It is only available on Mac and although it is a different option from the rest, it can also be useful.

If you want to download a website online without using any softwareWebsite Downloader may be the best option. It incorporates two options, either download the complete site or a single page.

7Save as

A very basic and very practical option is to use the web browser itself to save a website on your computer. For example to save a web page in Chrome we can leave the mouse or pointer in any blank space on a page and right-click on it and say Save As. This option would be more suitable for read websites offline.

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