Flickr is a social network for photo sharing which is already part of the history of the Internet, but which has recently lost the pull of years ago and has reinvented itself as "the world's largest photographer-centric community."as they define themselves.

It is very likely that you opened an account many years ago that you can't even remember now.

The photos you uploaded are still there and we are going to explain how to recover and save them in Google Photosin order to be able to permanently close the Flickr account.

Other social networks such as Facebook e Instagram took ground from this platform, which had been bought by Yahoo in 2005 for about $35 million.

The birth of cloud storage servers such as Dropbox, Google Photos and Skydrive didn't suit Flickr either.

Gradually the users disappeared and those who continued to use the site were accounts of amateur or more professional photographers trying to sell and promote their photographic work on the platform.

Therefore, in April of this year, the photographic company SmugMug decided to buy the website and to complete the development of this photographic community that Yahoo failed to take advantage of.

But what about the half-abandoned accounts of those people who are not interested in making a niche for themselves in the photography market?

Google Photos allows editing background blur, or bokeh, in any photo

Here we will guide you step by step so you can recover all the photos that you uploaded to the platform and you are no longer interested in keeping them there. We have chosen Google Photos as a new destination for those images because being a cloud server do not take up space on the computerYou don't even need to buy a hard drive. You can also choose any other platform such as Dropbox, the one you usually use.

Download your images from Flickr

The first step is to log in to your Flickr account and once inside the website you will find the section with the name YourThere you have everything related to your account, photos that you have uploaded, albums in which you have organized them and those that you have catalogued as favorites among other options. Depending on how you want to download the photos you can choose one option or another, that is to say, think if you want to download only the photos you have uploaded. download specific photos or several albums. You can also download all your photos and account information at once, but we will explain that later.

How to download image from Flickr

To download individual photos click on the word Your and you will enter in your complete photographic reel, there you only have to select the photos that you are interested in clicking on them. When you have selected them all you will see that at the bottom of the image a window has appeared showing you all these photos and giving you different alternatives. click on the download symbol.

How to download image from Flickr

Flickr will ask you if you want to download them in a zipped or compressed folder. Accept and wait for the file to finish downloading.

How to download image from Flickr

The process for downloading multiple full albums is very similar. Instead of going to the full photo reel, you should go to the AlbumsThere you will see that simply by hovering the mouse over each album you will see the option to download along with others. Following the same dynamic as before, it will ask you if you want it in zip format.

How to download image from Flickr

The third option is download all at onceTo do this you must go to the camera icon located at the top right of the screen where you will find your profile data and the Settings section. At the bottom of the window that will open in Settings there is a section that gives you the opportunity to download all the data that Flickr keeps of yours, including photos. Click Request my Flickr data.

How to download image from Flickr

As the website itself explains, it will take some time to receive an email with a link for you to access and download all the information. Now that you have all your photos saved in the order you can proceed to delete your Flickr account. On the same page where you have requested all your data, above you will see that you have the option to delete.

How to download image from Flickr