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Hello and welcome one more day to our web site of collective computingToday we bring you something interesting so that you can configure your Android phone with the best animated wallpapers there are today. I will show you 1 application with which you will be able to have fully animated wallpapers.

This application can be downloaded in an easy way and you can install them directly on your Android phone as it is very simple.

? GIF Live Wallpaper

GIF Live Wallpaper is what you need! Probably the easiest way to use a GIF file as a live wallpaper. Find the best HD wallpapers: AMOLED, BLACK, ANIME and more.

GIF Live Wallpaper
GIF Live Wallpaper

You will find the best and most innovative selection of HD wallpapers, 4K wallpapers, 3D wallpapers using gif, live wallpapers and wallpapers on Google Play Store for free, within our lightweight, fast and optimized system.

? Page to find animated gif of all kinds Tenor GIF

Tenor it is a search engine for GIFs. It has millions of GIFs animated. Its application allows us to see the searches that are trending and the GIFs most popular keywords. Its search engine will recommend other keywords to continue searching.

tenor gif
tenor gif

In this page we will be able to download any gif that we want.Then we press HD so that the animation is of good quality and finally we press download on our cell phone, just keep pressed the screen with our finger until the download button comes out. Now if we must download the application and I will leave them below ?.

? steps to download Gif live wallpaper App

Download Gif Live Wallpaper App Here

Steps to activate wallpaper on your phone, do the following:

  1. open the application
  2. Activate it.
  3. click on "Open GIF".
  4. select the desired file.

If everything fits, that's it - enjoy your new wallpaper!

Highlights the application:

- No root rights required, small file size (<3 MB)
- It stops automatically when the wallpaper is not visible or the device is locked, so it does not consume battery power.
- And, of course, without advertisements and we will not share your data or collect any information about you.

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