How to TRACK a Cell Phone with Number by google maps Free 2018

How to [TRACE/LOCATE] a Person by NUMBER

Some people simply never show up on time. Others won't respond to a text when you ask them where they are.
Unfortunately, these characteristics often reside with the same person, which becomes quite annoying when you try to find us.
Complicating the problem is that tracking someone's whereabouts can get complicated if they have a group of friends or family members who have smartphones from both platforms.
Most iPhone users simply log in to Find my Friends and don't have to mess with anything else.
There is no integrated option on Android and, of course, Find my Friends is exclusive to Apple devices.
We're here to help. There are several great cross-platform options for location sharing, but I've narrowed it down to my three favorites that you should be happy with.
Here they are not in a particular order, so you can install it on the phone of your relative or friend who is late.
so in this article how you can locate a person by their cell phone number, this can be done for several reasons.
for example, if you have minor children and you want to know where they are at any given time, this is a very simple way to find out where they are.

The procedure is simple: you only have to download this application called tasker which you will find at the bottom of the article.

application must be installed on the phone of the person you want to locate.

once installed you open it and you must make some configurations so pay attention.
the first thing to do is to touch the sirculum at the bottom and select statethen phonethen missed limel, now we touch the magnifying glass and select the first option, we are going to look for the contact who is the one who wants to locate this phone. once done we go to back and click on new task, we write gps and we touch the little dove to save
now we play again the sirculum from the bottom again phone and select send sms. tap again on the magnifying glass at the top and select the same contact again, now in the second field, scroll down to the bottom until you find location net
ready now we are going backwards tap on the upper part that says tasker If you want you can set a password for this application or you can hide it so that no one can make changes to it and you can locate it every time you call it.

now let's call this phone number

and once the call ends you will receive an SMS with the approximate location of the cell phone you just have to copy that number and paste it in the browser, choose the option of map and you will be able to see where that phone is at that moment.

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