Improve battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4 - S9 and others without being rooted

Improve battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4 - S9 and others without being root.

Improving the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5, S4 and others without being root. In this article we will describe how to calibrate Samsung Galaxy batteries without being root.

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Really very useful because it improves the battery life of our mobile. It will serve you for mobiles such as S4, S5, S4 mini, S5 mini, S6, S6, S7, S7 Edge or the new S8 from Samsung. In addition to these models, it can be applied to many Samsung or Android cell phones.

We hope you find it useful. What is battery calibration?

The operating system Android has a system file named Battery Stats which monitors the capacity of our battery, as well as when it is full and when it is discharged.

All charging activity is in a file that records statistical data and sometimes gets corrupted and starts displaying data that is not real, causing the phone to shut down before reaching 0% or once charged to 100% it takes a few hours to discharge.

The process of calibrating the battery would mean correcting the values in that file.what is battery calibration? It is a procedure by which the charge and discharge levels of the battery energy level are adjusted, so that it gradually decreases, adjusted to the actual consumption without any failure.

It follows a series of steps that, after being carried out, will result in optimal battery consumption. What is the purpose of calibrating the battery? It improves consumption.

If you have had cooked ROMs on Android you know what we are talking about and we used a program called Battery Calibration that being Root corrects the problem. It is necessary, almost mandatory, for those who change ROM.

Each ROM has a different consumption pattern and it is advisable to calibrate the battery, adjusting it to that pattern. With the calibration we will obtain a stable consumption, that is to say, without unjustified peaks and, possibly, a longer battery life. But how to repair the battery files without being root and without losing the warranty.

We are in luck if you have a Samsung mobile there is a very simple way. Calibrate battery on a Samsung dialing *#0228# Try doing this and you will see how the autonomy of your battery improves in my case it took 10 hours to lower 100% to 50% so I encourage you to perform these steps on your mobile.

1. We charge our Samsung Galaxy smartphone to 100% with the plug-in charger.

2. Disconnect and dial *#0228# from the telephone dial.

3. We enter a secret Samsung program called Battery Status with data from our battery and check that the % (Level) of charge coincides with that of our equipment.

4. We click on the Quick Start button, a warning will appear and we accept it.

5. The calibration procedure starts, the display goes off for a few seconds. We turn the display back on.

6. Once turned on we will see if we need to calibrate and our load has gone from 100% to 97% (it can be more or less, in my case it was 83%).

7. We put the equipment to load again until it reaches 100%. and we repeat from point 3.

8. Once we are at 100% (we wait for it to tell us that we have reached 100%) we disconnect and repeat the code *#0228#.

9. If the result is 100% we have finished calibrating if for example it gives us 97% we repeat the procedure.

This process Improve battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4 and others without being rooted you will have to do it two or three times.

In my case I repeated it 3 times, the first 83% the second gave me 97% and the third 100% and the first thing I noticed on the first day of use of the terminal is that after following this tutorial is that my battery lasted me a 20% more the first day. Something totally recommended.

Tricks to improve the battery life of the Samnsun Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5 or S4 We leave you some little trick to make you last a little longer the battery in our Samsung Galaxy mobile.

You want to keep the full functions of your smartphone while saving a little battery, there are ways to prevent the battery from draining quickly. Use Wi-fi for location instead of GPS.

We will only do this when we don't need it for driving.Open Settings > Locations > Location Mode, and then select Power Save.

This will cause the phone to use Wi-Fi and your cellular network to estimate your location, instead of using the phone's GPS.Make sure that Location Reports and Location History are turned off so as not to waste unnecessary data.

You can find these options under Google Location Reports in the Location settings. Turn the Brightness down a bit. Most people set their phone's brightness to automatic mode.

The automatic mode will adjust the brightness of the display based on the surrounding conditions.

And the mode uses the phone's sensors better if you adjust the brightness manually, I usually have it set to

-2. Power Saving Mode Samsung's Power Saving Mode is nothing new; the feature has been available since the Galaxy S2 and is just fine.

When enabled, this mode can be used to block background apps from using data, limit processor speed, reduce screen frames per second, limit screen brightness and even switch the screen to black and white. Very useful when the battery is low.

The S% or S& has a much more aggressive Ultra mode. Good for when we have 15% of battery left and need to receive calls.

If you are root and you do not have a Samsung cell phone you can use the Battery Calibration application, downloadable from Google play

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