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  1. How to gradually create swap memory from Android?
    1. Video tutorial on how to create swap memory:

RAM memory is the memory that stores data temporarily so that it can be processed before writing data as it belongs to read-only memory. However, the more ram memory we have, the more efficient our device will be at running programs and games. This is the purpose of this app as it uses storage to create a file and help RAM memory store data.

Swapping involves creating a partition in the SD card memory or internal storage so that Android can use it as additional RAM. With this, a higher overall speed is achieved, allowing the launch of applications or games that can not be used due to limitations of the device, extending the life of older phones and tablets, and cheap phones and tablets that are already equipped with limited RAM in the factory The computer's lifetime.

You should know that the swapping method requires that you are a ROOT user and your phone or tablet has a Swapping compatible kernel. This is a delicate process that can end with the death of the device. Also, you need a very fast SD card, consider the last point: since the system will use the Swap partition as RAM, it will keep writing and reading data, so the degradation speed of the SD card will be much faster. The same is true if you install a Swap partition on the storage.

How to gradually create swap memory from Android?

You can do it through the Android application, although you should know that there are two ways to create swap memory, one requires root access on your mobile device, the other does not, let's see how! 1.- Without root method. -You can create swap memory from android without root, download and install swap without root. This application is suitable for users without superuser access rights. It is very easy to open the application in the interface and select the amount of swap memory in mb. Type, for example, 512 MB of virtual memory and then click Create swap. You will be asked if you want to continue by selecting (Yes), wait a moment until the successfully created swap file exits.



  1. Download and install the swap app without root
  2. Now we set the number of MB of memory we want to create.
    Screenshot image
  3. We accept and the swap memory will be created in our internal storage.
    Screenshot image

Important: we must take into account that this procedure will not affect our performance at all, however it will take up allocated space depending on how many mb you allocate.


Here is a small table of megabytes to gigabytes:

  • 512 MB - 0.5 GB
  • 1024 MB - 1 GB
  • 2048 MB - 2 GB
  • 4048 MB - 4 GB

How to expand the virtual RAM of your Android smartphone(Opens in a new browser tab)

Video tutorial on how to create swap memory:

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