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    Access new WiFi networks shared by the Instabridge community. All the passwords and WiFi networks in your city in one place.

    wifi passwords - Instabridge



    Instabridge knows which WiFi connections work and automatically discards those that do not. No extra configuration, it just works.


    Want to stream in 4K? You can. Find the best WiFis shared by the community - #nospinner


    Instabridge is ideal for travel. Download Wifi networks in advance and connect when you don't have internet.


    Join Instabridge community and become a hero by adding WiFi in your city


    Instabridge is a smartphone app developed for iOS and Android devices that helps users find and connect to free Wi-Fi within range. Founded in 2012 by Niklas Agevik and Erik Tigerholm, the Swedish startup is based in Stockholm.
    Today's application is simply outstanding. A brilliant idea, an excellent solution, and perfect execution. I have fallen in love.

    But let's put the context first. The global landscape changed in a very positive way on the day that the WiFi standard started to become popular.We went from having computers plugged in by cable to being able to use them anywhere thanks to the large radius of use of WiFi networks. With that, laptops took off, and is now the most convenient and widely used connection method.

    Still, there has always been a fear of intrusion of our network. private. That's why we protect with passwords and so on. Although many do not know how to do this, routers are already configured with security as standard. That means password carts of care. This is perhaps the most awkward point, the day when you want to connect to a WiFi that is not your usual saved one. The owner should probably look for the moldy paper where he has it written down. This application revolutionizes this system, but not only solving this problem, but extrapolating and generating a great solution.


    There is nothing better than a simple application with a great utility. Instabridge solves a multitude of typical WiFi network connection problems, and also offers a lot of extra utility. To start with, nothing better than watching their promotional video, elaborated with a picaresque touch and a lot of reason.

    The best way to explain how Instabridge works is as they do in the video. Instabridge users can choose our friendsWe can share our WiFi network with those with whom we want to share it in case they need it or want to connect to it. That will offer them the convenience of not needing a password. and not even a manual connection. They will recognize that WiFi network as a regular one y will be able to connect automatically. But as I was saying, it doesn't end here.

    instabridgeIf one of your friends connects to a WiFi network (e.g. in a bar), can share it with you in an ultra-simple way, and all of you will get access to it. to that network without the need to enter any data. On the other hand, all our devices will be synchronized, and will therefore recognize the same networks even if one of them has never connected to those networks. And there is more. If for any reason a password is changed in one of our known networks, no problem! We won't find out and will be able to continue connecting!

    Of course we can remove the "privileges" of our friends at any time. And best of all, we can view and share networks with friends of our friendsso that we can easily create a multitude of WiFi hotspots in the city for everyone. We can also limit this function if we are afraid of our bandwidth. We will be able to benefit from the same as we offer, without restrictions or obligations.

    All of this is seamlessly integrated with a great interfacevery simple to use. Instabridge makes available a handful of large-scale utility with minimal setup. If a good community is created it can be extraordinary. The application is completely free, and I see it as a great discovery.I hope it catches your attention as much as it did mine, and soon there will be a lot of us using and supporting projects like this, because they deserve it.

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    Instabridge is an application that will allow us to access lots of free WiFi networks around the world in the most comfortable way. And what is even better, it will allow us to share all the free WiFi networks we find with our friends.

    The main utility of Instabridge is that it will allow us to store all the passwords of public WiFi networks in a sort of online agenda, which we can share with all our contacts and Facebook friends. In this way, if a friend accesses a WiFi network, the rest will be able to access that network.

    From Instabridge we can quickly see a map with all the WiFi networks around us, with their speed. This makes it very easy to connect to the Internet regardless of our 3G data rate.

    Instabridge is an excellent WiFi network management tool, which will allow us to enjoy Internet connection in many places where we would normally not be able to have it.

    RequirementsRequires Android 2.2 or higher


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