Instagram users report 'hacks' on their accounts

Instagram users report 'hacks' on their accounts

Social networks are no longer a hobby for many. Through its channels, you can manage important information or be a work tool. That's why the wave of hacks on Instagram accounts has raised concerns.

The phenomenon has taken place during the course of this month and hundreds of users have reported that their accounts have been literally taken away from them. The issue goes like this.

According to a report by MashableWhen users try to log in again, they receive a message saying that the data they have entered is wrong. Then, when they try to log in again, they receive a message stating that the data entered is incorrect.


Users of Instagramthe popular social network for uploading photos and videos, are reporting that they are victims of cyber attacks in which their profiles are being 'hijacked' and they claim that they are unable to get access restored. Hackers change the username, profile picture, email and phone number, making users unable to log in to their accounts.

Although details of the hackers' mode of operation are unknown, Instagram has already commented on the matter and stated that it is investigating the situation and provided a series of recommendations so that the wave of attacks does not continue to spread.

  1. If you received an email from us notifying you of a change in your email address and did not initiate this change, click on the "revert this change" link in the email and then change your password.
  2. We recommend that you choose a strong password. Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks (such as ! AND &). It should be different from other passwords you use elsewhere on the Internet.
  3. You can also use the steps described on this page to restore your account. Use a new secure email address to restore your account.
  4. Finally, revoke access to any suspicious third-party applications and enable two-factor authentication for added security. 

Once a criminal has 'hacked' a user's account, they can access their personal data and correspondence. The user's profile can become a source of malicious content, phishing and spamsaid Nadezhda Demidova, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Usually, this type of information 'hijacking' occurs through 'phishing'. According to the antivirus firm, Kaspersky, at the end of July there was an increase in this pattern. "By July 31, the number of phishing attacks skyrocketed from around 150 per day to nearly 600."The company warned in a press release.

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