Unlimited Internet on Android Anonytun New Trick March 8, 2018

Unlimited Internet On Android Anonytun New Trick 8.

how to have Unlimited Internet on your android Anonytun, changing the vpn for one that works having access to the mobile network, anonytun is an apk for android developed to change the vpn and be able to access the internet through mobile data.

The anonytun 2019 vpn apk configuration which allows have free internet We will use the Movistar Nicaragua operator as an example, but it can be done in any country and telephone company.

In addition, we will use a modified version of anonytun, that does not mean that in the original version it does not work, of course it does. Even this method can be used in apps like: asus vpn, asus vpn combo, supremo vpn, sm tunnel and many more mods.


Now to configure it in bitel or any other company go to stealth settings.



we configure as follows:

stealth tunnel vpn enabled

connection protocol: tcp

Connection port: 8080

Activate custom TCP HTTP HEADER

Click on edit custom tcp http headers
In URL HOST we put
Request Method DELETE
Injection Method NORMAL
then click on generato and save.
Finally we click on connect and wait for it to connect.

Trick: bango.net/ubicacel.iusacell.com.mx

Http Get connection

Link of the apk pro in Mega:

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