Fortnite has an exclusive K-Pop SKIN for those who pre-order the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung made an exclusive Fortnite skin for people who buy the new Galaxy S10 Plus phone. It is K-Pop themed, and is modeled after Jung Chan-Woo, a member of the South Korean boy band iKon.

You may not have heard of iKon, but I just know that it's a seven-member band from YG Entertainment, which also brought bands like Big Bang and 2NE1 to fame.

Like their predecessors, iKon mainly performs hip-hop, from catchy ballads to straighter rap. Chan-Woo is known as the youngest member of the group, or the MAKNAE, who is usually not officially responsible for bringing more tenderness to a group.

The deal is exclusive to the S10 Plus, so if you're planning on getting a regular S10, you won't qualify. It feels like Samsung is trying to incentivize more mobile gamers to buy the S10 Plus, boasting that its new Snapdragon 855 processor will translate to smoother gaming. Whether you get the S10 or S10 Plus, Samsung is also throwing in Galaxy Buds as part of the bargain.

Samsung's Partnership with Fortnite began last year when its devices were the first to get Fortnite on Android, which also included an exclusive skin for those who pre-ordered a new phone. In addition to the new Fortnite skin, Samsung is also partnering with Epic Games, Twitch Streamer Ninja and iKon for an upcoming gaming event in March.

Gaming and K-Pop seem to have a habit of crossing over. Last fall, Riot Games released a K-Pop-like video and augmented reality performance starring four champions from its flagship League of Legends game.

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K-Pop plays video games again.

Samsung already has a history of collaborations with Epic Games since last year. The company was the first to welcome the mobile video game and celebrated with a series of special cosmetics.

The video game will hold a special event in March together with the cell phone company, streamer Ninja and k-pop group iKonik.


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