Oppo says 10x optical zoom phone

Oppo rumor says a 10x optical zoom phone is coming this week.

x10 optical zoom

Oppo is gearing up to announce the world's first 10x optical zoom system for a smartphone, according to My Drivers (through GSMArena ). The company is holding an event on January 16 with the slogan "? ? ?", which roughly translates to "ten times the view, see you soon".

A few weeks ago, the ice universe of the universe of Twitter quoted an unnamed "Oppo official" who said we would see the 10x technology launched at either the Consumer Electronics Show or the upcoming Mobile World Congress, and it didn't materialize at the former.

Even if Oppo shows a prototype of the technology, there is no guarantee that it will actually be released in a consumer device.

In 2017, the company announced a 5x optical zoom prototype that used a periscope to tilt light to one side through an array of lenses. While the technology worked and worked well , it never saw the light in a consumer phone.

However, as Oppo is more willing to experiment with new features in a smartphone market that seems to be in dire need of new ideas , 2019 could be the year it launches such a technology.

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