Phones have been losing ports and buttons for some time now.

The Meizu Zero takes phone trends to the natural conclusion of no ports and no buttons.

Phones have been losing ports and buttons for some time now.

Headphones are becoming extinct on most devices, home and back buttons have been replaced on almost all iOS and Android phones with software UIs.

The new Meizu Zero is the first to take that trend to its natural endpoint: it has no ports, buttons or holes marking the exterior of the device.

According to Meizu, the Zero ?has no buttons, no speaker holes, no SIM card slot, [and] no charging port...?

Most of the exterior of the device is a seamless ceramic plate (an effect that is only slightly marred by a protruding camera bump on the back and what appear to be microphone holes on the bottom).

The Zero is proudly advertised as "the world's first homeless phone," so Meizu has had to find several solutions for the usual phone functions.

 Hence, the 5.99-inch AMOLED display, which, especially for a 2019 smartphone, has a chin and a Galaxy S9 top bezel instead of a notch.

It features an under-glass fingerprint sensor and Meizu's "mSound 2.0" technology that allows it to function as a speakerphone.

Charging is also completely wireless. Meizu promises speeds of up to 18 watts via its own "Super mCharge Wireless" technology, which will far exceed the 7.5 watt specs used by Apple and the 9 watt specs offered by Samsung.

There are no buttons, but Meizu is using a haptic feedback system to offer virtual buttons on the side to turn the phone on and off and adjust the volume. And eSIM technology replaces the SIM card slot. Naturally, due to the fact that there are essentially no holes on the outside of the device, it also has an IP68 rating against water and dust.

There's still a lot Meizu hasn't announced about the Zero, including what the specs will look like other than the fact that the Zero will use last year's Snapdragon 845 processor. We'll have to wait to try the phone in person before we can make a judgment about how well these new technologies actually work.

Meizu has not announced a price or release date for the Zero, but with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, we may get information soon.

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