Prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading photos

Prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading photos.

Do not allow your phone memory to be saturated, follow these steps / Photo: Pixabay

No doubt about it, WhatsApp is one of the most recurrent means of communication among the population worldwide. Thanks to this app, we can be communicated even in corners of the other side of the globe; however, there are certain functions that it has and that, many times, we do not require them.

And one of them is downloading photos or videos automatically when they are sent to you. Normally this happens when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or have mobile data, it is even annoying and can even saturate the memory of your phone equipment with so many images, gifs or videos that are sent. That is why below, we have the infallible remedy for you to configure your WhatsApp and avoid downloading those photos you don't want to keep on your phone.

1. Log in to your application (WhatsApp) and then go to Settings / Data & Storage / And in the Auto Download section, disable all file types in both the "Connected to Mobile Data" and "Connected to Wi-Fi" sections.



Once all the boxes have been unchecked, click on accept and automatically your phone will stop downloading gifs, videos or the typical Tweety Images from your aunts, now you can decide what you want to save and what to see on your phone.

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