Remove virus shortcut on USB flash drive from windows

How to remove virus shortcut on USB flash drive

Using the CMD Console you can perform many operations in Windows that would otherwise be impossible.

You can delete, copy, move, rename and modify any file.
It is a necessary method to delete any file that refuses to be deleted in the conventional way, it is also indispensable if for some reason you cannot see in Windows Explorer the hidden and system files or when Windows denies the request to delete a file or folder returning error messages.
It is necessary to enter the instructions manually to the command console.

It is not just a task for hackers or people with advanced computer knowledge, it is not difficult and we will explain it step by step in this article, so that any reader can do it on their computer.


remove virus

Steps to remove virus from windows cmd


and then press enter, you should see the following:

Once you have done this, you must write the following:

attrib -s -r -h /s /d

should look like this:

E:attrib -s -r -h /s/d

if you did it correctly, your screen should show


and that's it! virus free!

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