How to turn your Android into a complete ethical hacking device

Tool-X: this is how you can turn your Android smartphone into a full-fledged ethical hacking device.

Table of Contents
  1. Commando VM: learn about this Windows-based ethical hacking system
  • How to install Kali Linux ethical hacking tools on Android thanks to Tool-X
    1. How to install Tool-X in Ubuntu
  • Tool-X Ethical Hacking

    If you are interested in computer security, you have probably used tools or any ethical hacking distribution that allow us to carry out all kinds of security practices. One of the best known and most widely used ethical hacking distros in this field is Kali LinuxThis distro has a wide variety of applications installed and configured in such a way that we can find everything we need.

    One of the limitations of Kali Linux given its nature is that it involves relying on a computer dedicated to this distro, or running it in a virtual machine. If we are users of any other Linux distribution, or we want to turn our Android smartphone into a complete Swiss army knife of ethical hacking, then we should definitely give it a try. Tool-X.

    Tool-X is a complete script with more than 250 toolsalready installed by default in Kali Linux designed to port to other Linux-based systems, be it a Debian-based distro, such as Ubuntu, or Android

    How to install Kali Linux ethical hacking tools on Android thanks to Tool-X

    The Tool-X script has been designed to allow us to install these tools on Android devices, whether we have root permissions or not. To do this, the only thing we will need, in addition to the smartphone, is to install a terminal application on the device, as is the case of Termux, free app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.


    If we don't like this terminal, this script has also been designed to work with GNURoot DebianThis app can also be downloaded for free from the Android Play Store.

    "GNURoot Debian
    GNURoot Debian
    Developer: Corbin Champion
    Price: Free

    Once the terminal app has been installed on your smartphone, run it and then execute the following commands for download Tool-X repository and install the tool on your Android:

    • apt update
    • pkg install git
    • git clone
    • cd Tool-X
    • chmod +x install.aex
    • sh install.aex

    Once the installation is finished, the next step is to type in this terminal the command ?Tool-X? to launch the tool.Tool-X

    As we can see, the interface is very simple and we will find the following options within the program according to the number we press:

    • 0 ? install all applications.
    • 1 ? display all the available tools and install the ones you want with their number.
    • 2 ? display the application categories.
    • 3 ? Start Termux OS.
    • 4 ? update Tool-X.
    • 5 ? information about the developer.
    • X ? exit.

    How to install Tool-X in Ubuntu

    If we want to install the ethical hacking tools in any other distro on our PC, such as Ubuntu, we can also do it withTool-X. To do this, all we have to do is open the Terminal app on our system and execute the following commands to launch the script, very similar to what we have just seen on Android:

    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install git
    • sudo git clone
    • cd Tool-X
    • chmod +x install.aex
    • sudo sh install.aex

    When the installation is finished, simply run ?Tool-X? in the terminal to launch this tool and use it with the same commands we have seen in the previous step.

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