The Best IOS PRO Customizations For Your Android 2019


Table of Contents
  1. 1.- TeslaUnread.
  2. 3.- IOS Control Center.
  5. 6.- Chrooma Keyboard.

On this occasion, one of the best Pro customizations for your android 2019 a super elegant style that you must have in your cell phone.

1.- TeslaUnread.

TeslaUnread offers unread count badges in New Launcher Prime and WidgetLocker. It will not work with other desktops or lockscreens.

Enable TeslaUnread in Nova Launcher, or Settings> WidgetLocker Unread Counts, here you can also customize the style of the badge, such as size and colors.

2.- Floatify Lockscreen

Display from blocking professional and notice notifications for your phone!
Android O LockScreen with blurred background, quick messages, toggles and everything you need.

QuickReply allows you to send messages directly from the notification!
DirectReply le allows you to send predefined messages like "Ok, thanks!" without typing

Exclusive: ! Floatify is the only application that can mark the messages as read !
Mini Heads-up can be activated if you don't like large heads-up displays that cover the screen.
Smart Wake will activate the screen as soon as you pick up the phone!
The premium themes allow you to choose between Android Nougat, iOS 10 and many other themes!

3.- IOS Control Center.

Control Center IOS 11 gives you instant access to the camera, clock and more settingsTo open Control Center
swipe up, swipe right or swipe left from the edge of the close the Control Center
Swipe down, tap the top of the screen or press the Back, Home, Recent button.If you want to change the way you access Control Center on your device, open the Control Center application.



When you turn on Assistive Touch, you will see the AssistiveTouch menu. You can drag it to any edge of the screen, then touch the menu to open it.

1. To activate AssistiveTouch:
Open my application> Activate AssistiveTouch.

2. To use more shares:
Go to Settings> Accessibility> Services and activate AssistiveTouch.

You can also use AssistiveTouch to access your Home screen, Recent screen and use the Back key. Simply open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap Home, Recent, Back action.

To access your Notifications, open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap Notification. To get to control, open the AssistiveTouch menu. From here, you'll be able to do things like turn Bluetooth on and off, use WiFi on and off, take screenshots and more.


Resultado de imagen para nova launcher

Nova Launcher is a powerful and elegant launcher, which will allow us to customize the appearance of our home screen, icons or folders.

One of the most striking and differentiating elements of this Nova Launcher is its impressive visual aspect, which will try to leave us speechless with practically any action we can perform with it. The simple act of sliding your finger across the screen to switch desktops will show us an elaborate three-dimensional transition.

6.- Chrooma Keyboard.

Resultado de imagen para chrooma keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is a fully customizable keyboard application that will quickly adapt to your needs. For example, with a single gesture we can switch between the classic keyboard adapted to two hands and the keyboard adapted to one hand.

In the configuration options of Chrooma Keyboard we will be able to radically change the style of our keyboard, choosing between different colors and font types. In addition, one of the most striking features of the keyboard is that its color will automatically adapt to the application we are using at that moment.


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