The first quinceañera to have her photos taken at Los Pinos has already been released

The first quinceañera to have her pictures taken at Los Pinos has already been released.

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The former presidential residence lod pinos will be open to the public as of December 1.

As soon as it was opened to the public, the Los Pinos Cultural Complex has already become the favorite stage for photo shoots. The first was Lucero, who on December 1st took advantage of her visit to the former presidential residence to pose next to their chamberlains.

The teenager entered through the door located on Molino del Rey Street and attracted the attention of the media, as well as the rest of the visitors, who took it upon themselves to photograph it and share the images on social networks.

By order of the now President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the official residence of Los Pinos will remain open to the public as he recalled during his speech in the Zócalo, he does not plan to live there during his term of office.

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