The low-cost Samsung Galaxy S10 has been leaked.

The low-cost Samsung Galaxy S10 has been leaked.

It is rumored that Samsung has a lower-cost version of the Galaxy S10 in the works, and it looks like images of that phone have just leaked. WinFuture posted a series of images this morning showing a phone they believe will be called the Galaxy S10E, a 5.8-inch version with thicker bezels, dual cameras and a smaller battery.

Resultado de imagen para galaxy s10 lite

The phone is supposed to sell for around $ 859. That doesn't mean "low cost" by any means, but it's in the same ballpark as the iPhone XR, which starts at $ 749.

The two phones even seem to share a lot in common: they are low-end versions of flagship devices that look pretty much the same, just with some slight visual and technical reductions.


Like the iPhone XR, one big difference in the S10E appears to be the screen. Instead of having a screen that curves at the edges like the S9 (and, presumably, the rest of the S10 lineup), it appears to have a regular screen that just scrolls across the surface of the phone.

Resultado de imagen para galaxy s10 lite

It also has thicker bezels, which almost gives it a resemblance to the XR, too. However, it keeps the hole-punching camera.

Another peculiarity of the S10E: it is expected to have a side fingerprint sensor instead of a rear or under-screen one. That would be unusual for Samsung, which often doesn't use side sensors. Most of the phone industry has also moved away from them.

Samsung is supposed to have four versions of the Galaxy S10 in the works. In addition to this low-end model, there are supposed to be. an S10, S10 Plus and a version that supports 5G.

These models are expected to have three rear cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors. They should be announced later this month.


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