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How To Track GPS Phone Number Via Text Message


Tasker 5.4.1bf1 Apk

Full automation, from configuration to SMS.
* Triggers: application, time, day, day, location, hard/soft status, event, shortcut, widget, timer, plug-ins
* Actions: more than 200 integrated, add-on support
* Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays
* App creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell! (Android 2.3+)
Getting started guides:
Queries, problems: see Menu / Information / Support in the application
It is not possible to fix the problems reported through the Play Store comments ...
****** Shares by category ******
[not all actions available on all devices] * ALERT: Flash, Notify LED / Sound / Vibrate, Cancel notification, Popup Timed / WithTaskIcons / Names, Torch, Vibrate, Vibrate Pattern
* APPLICATION: Insert Calendar, Go Home, Kill Application, Load Application, Open Map (/StreetView / Nav)
* AUDIO: Alarm / Call / DTMF / Media / Notif / Ringer / System Volume, Haptic Feedback Toggle, Mic Mute, Notification Pulse, Notification (<4.1) / Ringer Vibrate (* DIALOG : 28
System configuration dialogs * DISPLAY: Auto brightness, Close system dialogs, Keyboard lock, Key lock pattern, Screen brightness, Screen off timeout, Screen rotation, Set wallpaper, Stay on, Status bar (expand / collapse)
* FILE: Browse Files, Directory Create / Delete / Move, File Copy / Delete / Move / Open, Write to File, Read Line, Read Paragraph, Zip / Unzip File
* INPUT: Button, Dpad (root only), Type (root only), Input method selection, Soft Keypad (show)
* MEDIA: Media Button Events (grab), Media Player Control, Music File / Dir, Play / Forward / Back / Stop, Photo / Series / TimeSeries, Record Audio, Record Audio Stop, Record Audio Stop, Ring Tone, Scan Card
* MISC: (Transmit) Attempt Action, Component Intent, Get Location, GPS Status (* NETWORK: Airplane Mode (* PHONE: Call, Call Log, Call Block / Forward / Revert, Compose MMS / SMS, Contacts, End Call, Radio, Send SMS, Send SMS Data, Mute Ring, Take Call
* TASKER: Change icon set, Yes, End if, Go to action, Perform task, Switch profile, Switch profile, Query action, Set widget icon, Set widget label, Stop, Wait, Wait until
* VARIABLES: Set, Clear, Inc, Dec, Dec, Query, Randomize, Split, Merge, List
* PART 3: Android Notifier, Astrid, BeyondPod, JuiceDefender Data / Toggle, Gentle Alarm, NewsRob, Office Talk, SleepBot, SMS Backup +, TeslaLED, WidgetLocker
****** States ******
Airplane mode, BT Connected, calendar input, docked, earpiece plugged, incoming call, keypad output, illumination level, media button, missed call, mobile network, device orientation, power, various sensors, signal strength, unread text, variable value, Wifi network, wifi near
** **** Events ******
Alarm Clock / Done, Date Set, Time / Date Set, Timezone Set, Display: Off / On / Unlocked, File Closed / Deleted / Modified / Moved / Opened / Modified Attributes, Camera / Search Button Long-Press, Card Mounted / Removed / Dismounted, Gesture, Missed Call, Phone Changes, Received Text, SMS Send Success / Failure, Battery Modified / Full / Low / Overheating, Device Startup, Device Shutdown, Low Storage, Regional settings change, New / deleted / updated package, Modified wallpaper, Button gadget clicked, New window, Notification, Clicking on notification, Click on zoom, Variable canceled / configured, Email received in K9, Soft alarm, Kaloer clock, Open clock, Notification on Reddit, Screebl, Widget locker

Updated to Google Play 12 services
Take Call works with the root, if available.
: files made with root directories that can be shared with other applications

Application information:
Application name: Tasker
Package name:
Apk Md5: 1aa6805c502328f5f763e7727c14482e
Application size: 6.15 MB
Play Store Update: July 30, 2018
Version name and code: 5.4.1b.bf2 (5132)

Requirements: 4.1+

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