What happened to the Bitcoin, where did it go?


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With a good part of 2018 bouncing off the $6,000 level, Two weeks ago this support zone cracked and the Bitcoin price has fallen in a way that it has not done since the beginning of this year.

Despite this, the number of stalwarts who continue to trust the queen of all cryptocurrencies remains very high, and among them they continue to believe that this is a correction that allows them to stockpile more Bitcoins much cheaper than weeks ago.

While it is true that shether this group of investors is right or wrong only time will tell, it does not hurt to analyze from a technical point of view. where are the next supports for the Bitcoin.

Lost support around $6,000 and the second price trend line, the first reference we encounter is the long-term moving average, which currently stands at $3,128,

 although it should be noted that its slope will continue to be bullish and could reach $3,300 in the coming sessions. Subsequently, and with the appearance of strong support,

appear the $2,929 that was a former all-time high in June 2017 and once broken to the upside was tested again in September.

Below them nothing until $1,956, and then the psychological $1,000 fought for at the end of 2013. and consistently conquered years later by breaking and subsequently supporting them, thus generating a clear buy signal with breakout and subsequent support in March 2017.

These are the support references that you should take into account when investing in Bitcoins.

In fact, must first consider other much more important issues such as diversification into not just one cryptocurrency, investing capital that can afford to lose it in its entirety without affecting your standard of living and, above all, consider what type of investment you want to make.

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either short-termism with an intensive use of technical analysis, for which he must be attentive to the generation of a floor in the market that is not yet seen, or long-termism by conviction and confidence in cryptocurrencies where recurrent and periodic purchase is his best weapon.

Blockchain technology and large cryptocurrencies are here to stay, the only question is at what price they will remain stable, if they will remain stable at all, since at the moment what we are experiencing is the bursting of last year's bubble.

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