Amazon Echo arrives in Spain with ABC among its quality news sources

Next 30th Amazon's new smart speakers go on sale in Spain

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  1. Next 30th Amazon's new smart speakers go on sale in Spain
    1. Four versions

The poctober 30, 2009Amazon will go on sale in Spain its range of smart speakers. And ABC will be one of the quality news sources that will incorporate these new devices. Thus, those who own any of the models of Echo speaker may apply to Alexathe "brain" that controls them, that reproduces them, the "brain" that controls them, that reproduces them "ABC News"The new bulletin prepared every day by the editorial staff of this newspaper.

With an approximate duration of two minutes, "ABC News" offers an agile and direct summary of current events in Spain and around the world with the main headlines of political, economic and international information, as well as sports, social, digital and cultural life. The new newsletter will also help you to stay informed, with data, opinions and curiosities, and the ABC's major reports and exclusives. Our newspaper can thus be listened to at any time thanks to the innovative development of our "News Summary" for Alexa.

Large technology companies, such as Google and Applein addition to Amazonhave coincided in choosing 2018 as the year of the launch in Spain of smart speakers, the latest generation of mobile devices destined to become the heart of the future connected home. In the United States, where they have already been on the market for two years, it is estimated that a third of homes already have a "smart speaker". For its part, Movistar has also just announced the launch of Movistar Home next November.

Four versions

Amazon to launch in Spain four versions of its smart speakerthe standard, called Amazon Echo and which has a Plus version, the Echo Spotwith a small screen, and the smallest and most economical model, known as the Echo Dot. They also feature a subwoofer, the Echo Sub. Prices range from 59.99 to 149.99 euros.

Starting on the 30th, those who have one of these devices will be able to start their morning by asking for "Alexa, what's my news ?"or "Alexa, put up the news summary.". And you will know, in two or three minutes, the key news of the day. With the launching of this new "News Summary", our newspaper joins the other major international media such as "The New York Times", the British "The Daily Telegraph", "The Economist" or the BBC, project the journalistic strength of their brands in these new formats and voice distribution channels.

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