How to Uninstall Windows 11 and Return to Windows 10 Without Losing Files

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  1. Why go back to windows 10 version?
    1. Steps to uninstall windows 11 and return to windows 10

How to uninstall windows 11 and return to windows 10 without losing files, this method only works if we have just installed windows 11 from windows update. To be able to upgrade from our system we must consider; that the previous system has not been deleted. That is to say that if 10 days pass after having updated to windows 11 from the windows update it will erase us the previous files of windows 10 that remain in the temporary memory.

Windows Update cleanup
Windows Update cleanup

The operating system after a few days is in charge of cleaning those temporary files that are stored in our installation unit, to be specific in the local disk c:/Windows.old. Windows.old is the rest of the files from previous versions. So first we would need to know if we have that folder.


Why go back to windows 10 version?

When a new operating system is released there are many errors in the hardware because several times the operating systems are not well optimized for obsolete hardware, as is the case of TPM 2.0 that if we did not have it we could not install windows 11. Many people choose to return to their previous compilations, but here the question is how to return without losing files.

Some of the reasons why people revert to their previous versions:

  1. No, they like me.
  2. They do not accommodate with the new versions
  3. The system does not flow as fast
  4. They find it more like working with a system they already know.
  5. Errors occur in the system
  6. Some programs are incompatible
  7. They have HDD units and find it very boring to upgrade.

Now we will tell you why you should always update windows to the latest versions; It is obvious that the latest windows builds give us better security and system stability. However, for some people it is not.

Reasons to upgrade your operating system to the latest version: 

  1. Security
  2. Stability
  3. Best design
  4. More features
  5. Better connection compatibility

Steps to uninstall windows 11 and return to windows 10

Taking into account previous points, now if we can return to the previous version, it is important to mention that we should not clean the system cache so that our information is not lost. Including the windows.old folder.

To return to the windows 10 version we must:

  1. Go to configuration.
  2. Then privacy and security.
  3. Now we look for the reset option
  4. and we will find an option to go back to the previous version of windows 10.
  5. Press return.
  6. We wait a few minutes for it to return

It is important to note that this process will only work if we update from the windows 10 windows update, that is to say that we do not format the computer by inserting an ISO. In addition to the temporary files were not deleted. Otherwise the option to go back will not appear.

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