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  1. How the platform works
    1. Features
    2. Game categories on
    3. shadoworld adventure my favorite game
  2. 3 games I like
    1. plays org 8Bit Dungeon Knight Game
    2. Hold Position Base Defense Game
    3. Tank Wars Base Defense Game
    4. Final conclusion

In this article I will be showing you something different, is a free gaming website. The mini games platform is packed with web-enabled games. Here it works without sophisticated applications, without using the memory of your cell phone and has a diverse collection of games. The good news is that it is constantly growing in games and new ones are being added daily.

no money is required to progress through the games. All games are free and complete, ideal for both children and adults. They can also be played on tablets or cell phones. All games are too light.

Their site has been operating since January 2021. You will be surprised to know that the website has no annoying ads, no tracking software. In the last few years many game companies have gone public with good valuations of billions of dollars. Examples include roblox, Unity and many others.

This site pretends to be practically the opposite of that kind of trend. The categories of games it has are from Retro Pixels, Arcade, Cartoons, Education, Sports, Strategy and many more. You are free to play as many times as you want, no limits!

How the platform works

plays org how it works
plays org how it works

I will show you the first thing we will find on the platform.

New games: In this section you will find all the new games that are being added to the platform.

My faves: Here we will be able to put our games in favorites so that we can look for them very easily.

Random plays: we will find RANDOM PLAYBACKS of the games.

About: you will find their blog section about their platform, about their creators and many things about them. Features

  • no applications + no downloads required
  • all the games are based on the web
  • diverse and constantly growing collection of games

Game categories on

plays org retro pixels
plays org retro pixels

On the home page we will find categories of games, they are sorted game by game with respect to that category. For example retro pixels has games like shadoworld adventure, robo escape, 2 minute to escape and magikMons. these games are strategy games and a lot of fun.

plays org base defense
plays org base defense

We even have in the defense base category, a great variety of games like tank wars, kindom defense, front line and hold position. These games are very interesting because there is the classic tank game that we played when we were kids hehe. You will find a great variety of games since there are a lot of categories that you can explore little by little. shadoworld adventure my favorite game


My favorite game on the platform is this one called shadoworls adventureis a strategy game where you have to pass levels, something similar to mario bros, you have to jump over obstacles and collect stars in each level. defeat your enemies by stepping on them, you will have to collect a key in each level to pass it.

Players have 2 minutes to complete each level, which requires grabbing a key and stepping on a green button. Steps we have to do.

  • Collect coins and avoid or stomp on enemies as you advance through the level.
  • Find and grab the key.
  • Unlock the green button and jump over it.

3 games I like

Below I will recommend 3 favorite games on the site in no particular order. They are the ones I like and are very entertaining.

plays org 8Bit Dungeon Knight Game

plays org 8Bit Dungeon Knight Game
plays org 8Bit Dungeon Knight Game

8Bit Dungeon Knight Game It is a 24-level logic puzzle game in which you play as a knight trying to work your way through each dungeon. it is a fun and clever way to work on your arithmetic and logic skills. This game can also be a way to help encourage children to like math more by giving them a practical application.

  • Collect power-ups to strengthen your character.
  • Enemies do not attack until they are attacked. You initiate all contact.
  • Attack only the enemies you need to defeat the level and attack them in the correct order to have enough health, attack strength and defense to pass the level.

These were the instructions you have to do, highly recommended.

Hold Position Base Defense Game

plays org hold position
plays org hold position

hold position This is a magnificent base defense game. You have to shoot down the helicopters and tanks that are coming down to attack you.

  • Shoot down helicopters and tanks that descend on your base.
  • The objective of the game is to withstand a 10-minute assault.
  • You earn money by destroying enemies.
  • If you don't last the full 10 minutes, you can buy upgrades that make your weapons shoot with more power, you will upgrade each time you buy.

Here are the instructions you should follow.

Tank Wars Base Defense Game

Tank Wars is a simple and fun base defense game. You can play it for one player or in cooperative mode for two players.

  • Shoot all the tanks of the competition with your tank.
  • Prevent your base from being destroyed by your competitors' tanks.
  • Be careful with your fire, as you may accidentally shoot your own base.

Mention all the game instructions, this really is one of the classics, that's why I'm recommending it.

Final conclusion

The site is continually growing all the time. There is always something new to play. is also great for parents. I really like the way the domain owner thinks about providing games for free, for enjoyment, not for profit. All the games are entertaining.

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