The Best Web Hosting for Your Website 2019

10 best web hosting providers.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Bluehost - Best uptime hosting ($ 2.75 / month)
  2. 2. HostGator Cloud - More Unlimited Hosting ($ 2.99 / month)
  3. 3. Hostinger - Cheapest web hosting ($ 0.80 / month)
  4. 4. SiteGround - Best WordPress Support ($ 3.95 / month)
  5. 5. GoDaddy: the most popular web host ($ 3.66 / month)
  6. 6. WebHostingBuzz - Small, but reliable Web Host ($ 4.99 / month)
  7. 7. A2Hosting: the fastest shared web host ($ 3.92 / month)
  8. iPage: best for small web sites ($ 1.99 / month)
  9. 9. Dreamhost: the best for web developers ($ 2.59 / month)
  10. 10. GreenGeeks: the best green website provider ($ 2.95 / month)

Here's a list of the top 10 website hosting providers that have performed well in 2017-2019:

1. Bluehost - Best uptime hosting ($ 2.75 / month)

Bluehost Home Page

Advantages of Bluehost: 
+ Better uptime ( 99.99% )
+ Fast charging time ( 0.41 ms )
+ Inexpensive "Intro" cost ( $ 2.75 / month )
+ Easy to use and register
+ Fast support (live chat and telephone)
+ 30-day money back guarantee

Bluehost cons: 
No free site migrations

Bluehost is our top rated web hosting company because their uptime and speed over the last 16 months is very strong: 99.99% y 0.41ms,respectively.

Your price of introduction of 3 years is $ 2.75 / month and comes with features like free domain name, website builder and one-click installation for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. So for starters (someone without a website), this is probably the best option. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

They use their integrated administration panel (along with cPanel) which makes website configuration and administration very simple and straightforward.

While your bandwidth is not metered, maximum storage varies from 50 GB to unlimited, depending on the plan you choose. We recommend getting the premier plan for the most value.

The SSL certificate (HTTPS: //) is included free of charge on all plans, as well as on email accounts. You can allow Bluehost to transfer your existing website to your hosting environment, but this will cost $ 149 per website.

Bluehost statistics for the last 16 months
Bluehost test site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 :. View statistics

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2. HostGator Cloud - Lodging more unlimited ($ 2.99/month)

HostGator Cloud Review

HostGator Cloud Pros: 
+ Good uptime ( 99.98% )
+ Fast charging time ( 0.43 ms )
+ FREE site migration (1)
+ No bandwidth / Storage limit
 Unlimited e-mail accounts
+ Free SSL included

Cons in the HostGator cloud: 
Higher renovation cost

HostGator cloud hosting offers its users unlimited bandwidth, storage space and email accounts.

On top of that, they have free site migration if you decide to transfer your website from another host without the hassle. Their latest 16-month performance stats aren't bad either, 432ms load time and 99.98% uptime.

They are one of the fastest hosts we have reviewed, their servers are perfect for WordPress websites. Most of their data centers are located in the US, but the host also caters to European customers.

Before you sign up, make sure that the higher renewal prices start right after your billing period ends. For example, $ 2.99 is the first 1-6 months, then the price goes up to $ 9.95 - $ 14.95 / month.

They have a fast and efficient live chat, SSL certificate is included, as well as daily backups.

If you need scalable hosting, HostGator Cloud is probably your best option.

HostGator Cloud statistics for the last 16 months
HostGator Cloud trial site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 :: HostGator Cloud trial site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 ::. View statistics

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3. Hostinger - Cheapest web hosting ($ 0.80 / month)

Hostinger Review

Hostinger Pros: 
+ Fast charging time ( 0.37 ms )
+ Cheaper plan ( $ 0.80 / month )
+ Data centers in 7 regions
+ FREE domain name (1 year)
+ Uptime guarantee
+ 30 days money back guarantee

Hostinger cons: 
SSL not included

Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers that cost $ only 0.80 / month by choosing your longest subscription (48 months).

They have data centers and servers around the world in seven different regions.

Being one of the cheapest, they still manage to achieve an "acceptable" uptime of 99.91%. If we were to count only the last 15 months instead of 16 months, then their uptime would be a solid 99.97%. Their average page load time is very fast, however, only 0.37ms.

Bandwidth and databases are unlimited unless you choose the "Single Web Hosting" plan. With the latter, you will be limited to 10 GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, one MySQL database and one email account.

Unfortunately, not everything is cheap. Important add-ons that are not included in the basic plans are priority support and SSL certificate that will cost you more money.

Like Bluehost, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans.

Hostinger statistics for the last 16 months
Hostingers test site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 :. View statistics

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4. SiteGround - Best WordPress Support ($ 3.95 / month)

SiteGround Review

SiteGround Pros: 
+ Very Good Uptime ( 99,99%)
Fast and knowledgeable support
+ High-performance WordPress hosting
+ Free site migration
+ Easy to use, includes cPanel

Cons of SiteGround: 
'Setup fee' for monthly billing
Limited storage space

With an introduction rate of $ 3.95 / month (for a minimum of 12 months) and a renewal rate of $ 11.95 / month, SiteGround is not the cheapest web host from our list.

And sure, you can probably justify this hefty price tag by pointing out your free SSL certificates, site migration, CDN, email accounts and daily backups.

Or the impressive features of WordPress, intuitive cPanel and a highly trained support team ...

... But when you consider that your site will be limited to only 10 GB of storage space, 10,000 monthly visits and a "fast but not fast enough" speed of 713 ms, it will start to be a tougher sell.

However, on the plus side, they have data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, a solid reputation in the market and a lot to offer to new customers. But you can get more for your money by using one of our top three hosts, such as Bluehost or HostGator.

Statistics for the last 16 months for SiteGround
SiteGround site speed test from December 2017 to March 2019 :. View statistics

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GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy Pros:
+ Good uptime ( 99.97% )
Fast charging time ( 0.52ms )
+ many features
+ known brand

GoDaddy cons: 
Unreliable support
Emails, backups and additional SSL costs

The GoDaddy brand is easily one of the most well-known domain registrars and hosting providers on the market.

But is its reputation well deserved when it comes to page performance and fast delivery?

While its page load speed is relatively fast, just over 500 ms, its uptime is not ideal: 99.97%.

A look at what they offer - a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 100GB of web storage (a lot), bandwidth and no free trial measure for their website builder, looks like a very good treatment.

But when you look at the plethora of highly extravagant sales and slick marketing gimmicks (like charging for site backups, SSL certificates, email accounts and more), it's increasingly difficult to credit the brand's reputation.

In addition to the large amount of shameless money that is present within GoDaddy's pricing structure, the inefficiency of their customer support team and the lack of attractive freebies (such as the industry standard SSL certificate and unlimited email accounts) makes it very difficult to recommend them over any of the aforementioned Hosts.

GoDaddy statistics for the last 16 months
GoDaddy tests site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 | View statistics

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6. WebHostingBuzz - Small, but reliable Web Host ($ 4.99 / month)

WebHostingBuzz Review
WebHostingBuzz Web Hosting Page

WebHostingBuzz Pros: 
Good loading time ( 0.47ms )
Excellent support
+ 45-day money back guarantee
+ Free migrations and domain name
+ Solid uptime ( 99.98% )

WebHostingBuzz Cons: 
Terms of payment

Read why we rate WebHostingBuzz # 6 in our reviews

Founded in 2002, WebHostingBuzz specializes in the UK web hosting market.

With more than 250 server locations worldwide, site load times of only 474 ms, and an average uptime of 99.98% (which is almost  as good as advertised), this "under the radar" brings a lot of value to the table.

Your customer support is one of the best we have ever experienced, we receive allour (very technical) questions in a matter of minutes, and, when you consider that they offer a 45-day money back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, 20 GB of disk space, free site migrations and a free domain for only $ 4.99 a month ... appear as one of the best hosts on our list.

However, with a minimum payment term of 12 months and a minimum of 48 months for the advertised price of $ 4.99, you can get a lot more for your money with another provider.

WebHostingBuzz statistics for the last 16 months
WebHostingBuzz speed test site December 2017 to March 2019 | View statistics

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7. A2Hosting: the fastest shared web host ($ 3.92 / month)

A2 Hosting review
A2 hosting hosting page

A2 Hosting Pros:
Faster loading time ( 0.34 ms )
Fast and efficient support
+ Free site migration
+ Compatible with Common CMS's
+ Environmentally friendly

A2 housing cons: 
- The uptime could be better ( 99.92% )
Restrictions on the cheapest plan

Read why we rate A2 Hosting # 7 in our reviews

A2 Hosting, based in the USA, is the fastest shared web hosting we have tested to date.

Undoubtedly, they managed to achieve an average load time of 336 ms over a 16-month period. All their plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, responsive customer support (phone and live chat), free SSL certificate, site migration and domain name ...

It's easy to see why A2 Hosting was almost our favorite host on this list.

However, they were held back from the top three positions due to two largeproblems.

First of all, its uptime. With an average uptime of 99.92%, the unreliability of A2 hosting simply does not meet the needs of most webmasters.

In addition, there are some important restrictions on your basic web hosting package: such as the limit of one website, the limit of five databases, the exclusion of additional domains and WordPress cache limitations. If you want to avoid the limitations, just choose a more flexible hosting plan.

Although they are still one of our favorite hosts, with a price of $ 3.92 / monthrenewed at $ 9.99 / month, we cannot recommend them to previous providers such as Hostinger .

A2 Hosting statistics for the last 16 months
A2 Hosting speed test site from December 2017 to March 2019 | View statistics

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iPage: the best for small websites ($ 1.99 / month)

iPage review
iPage hosting page

Pros of iPage: 
high uptime ( 99.97% )
enhanced security options
+ cheap and economical hosting ( $ 1.99 / month )
+ environmentally friendly
+ starting prices

Cons of iPage: 
Expensive domain names
No cPanel

Read why we rate iPage # 8 in our reviews

iPage hosting brings a lot to the table.

From 99.97% availability, upfront and affordable prices: $ 1.99 / month during the first three years, then $ 7.99 / month, 24/7 live chat and phone support, unlimited bandwidth, storage and domain names, y a free SSL certificate and email. Address ... iPage has a lot to offer.

But, as with A2 Hosting, there are a few things that prevented iPage from getting a better rating on our list.

Specifically, iPage charges $ 17 / year per domain, $ 150 per site transfer, and offers a below average site speed of only 787 ms (the slowest of our top ten hosts).

In addition, they do not offer cPanel access and the supposed "unlimited" bandwidth and storage are not what they seem to be.

If you need a fast, feature-rich, fully-featured website to grow your online business, iPage just doesn't cut it. However, it could be a solid option for beginners with less money to spend on web hosting.

iPage statistics for the last 16 months
iPage test site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 | View statistics

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9. Dreamhost: the best for web developers ($ 2.59 / month)

DreamHost Review
DreamHost Hosting Page

Dreamhost Pros: 
of support understood
+ 97-day money-back guarantee
+ unlimited bandwidth
+ They are Carbon Neutral

Dreamhost Cons: 
Possible delayed configuration
No cPanel

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With more than 400,000 active customers and a list of more than 1.5 million  websites, DreamHost is one of the biggest players in the web hosting game.

Founded in 1996 and offering pricing plans starting at only $ 2.59 / month (for the first 12 months), they are also one of the oldest and cheapest.

However, there are some key issues that prevent us from fully supporting them.

Although they offer fast load times of 719ms, a 99.96% average uptime, a 97-day money back guarantee, and completely unlimited bandwidth, the complete lack of live chat support and a traditional cPanel (in all fairness that no  offer their own unique cPanel ... but as web professionals, we weren't fans) makes Dreamhost a hard sell.

With so many amazing hosts, DreamHost simply doesn't offer anything you can't get from another host at the same price.

DreamHost statistics for the last 16 months
DreamHost tests the site speed from December 2017 to March 2019 | View statistics

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10. GreenGeeks: the best site provider green web ($ 2.95 / month)

GreenGeeks Review
GreenGeeks Hosting Page

GreenGeeks Pros: 
good uptime ( 99.95% )
fast loading time ( 0.49ms )
+ environmentally friendly
+ free domain name and migration

GreenGeeks Cons: 
Higher renewal rates
Questionable refund policy

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With 99.95% of uptime and load speeds of 493 ms, GreenGeeks offers fast and reliable hosting at an affordable rate of $ 2.95 / month.

Add to this their feature bonuses, high-quality customer support and environmentally friendly practices, and it's easy to see how GreenGeeks are quickly making a name for themselves in an extremely oversaturated market.

If you choose to purchase your "Eco-site Starter", your sponsorship will be rewarded with unlimited bandwidth, storage y email accounts, a free SSL certificate, a free domain (for the first year, then $ 13.95/year thereafter) and a free website migration.

Their customer service is responsive, helpful and available via live chat, email and phone.

Unfortunately, $'s 9.95/month renewal fee, limited data centers (located only in the US and the Netherlands) and questionable refund policy may deter some webmasters from choosing GreenGeeks over other hosting providers.

Statistics for the last 16 months for GreenGeeks
Speed of the GreenGeeks test site from December 2017 to March 2019 :. View statistics

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