Huawei's 5G foldable phone will arrive this month.

Huawei's 5G foldable phone will arrive this month.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is traditionally the biggest show of the year when it comes to mobile innovations, and Huawei will maintain that tradition with the introduction of its first foldable device. The invitation just released by the Chinese company makes it clear that the fold promised for this year, which is planned its launch before Samsung, will have its official debut at MWC 2019. Huawei's MWC keynote is scheduled for Sunday, February 24 at 2PM Barcelona time / 8AM ET.

In a separate tweet, Huawei augments that information by promising that MWC will see " the world's first 5G foldable device ". 5G networks are still far from any kind of useful maturity , but the hype and 5G phones will continue as planned 2019. Keep an eye out for a deluge of fancy new form factors (rumor has it that LG is planning to a second screen for its G-line upgrade) and a slew of "5G" stickers as we approach the MWC meeting at the end of this month.

Whether they are sophisticated or cool devices, foldable devices will be this year's headliners.


We are only three weeks of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelonaevent in which we will see the main novelties of the smartphones that will arrive this year. Competition is stronger than ever and all companies will be pulling out all the stops these days.

Huawei has been the fastest growing company in 2018 thanks to terminals such as the P20 Pro, so they want to continue their good streak this year as well.

Huawei has sent the invitations for the presentation to be carried out in the MWC 2019 the next February 24 and the accompanying image makes it very clear what its main focus will be.

The slogan "Connecting the Future." see between two parts of a folded telephone inwards. This foldable phone will feature the processor. Kirin 980 and the new Balong 5000 modemwhich will allow connection to 5G networks.

This will not be the only thing related to 5G Huawei, as they are also likely to announce another compatible non-foldable handset and a 5G router for homes. It will certainly be a presentation not to be missed.

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