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This is not the first time we have told you about different applications to get the most out of the popular social network of photography..

Today we want to talk about GBInstagramInstagram mod which has a number of functions that will delight any user.

For starters, this application has been created by XDA user koolicecream. And considering where this Instagram mod comes from, it is clear that this version is going to be very complete.

Doesn't his name ring a bell? Well, it is the same one that created GBWhatsApp, the best mod for the instant messaging service.

And, as with this app, the new Instagram mod does not require ROOT to work.

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These are the main functions of the best Instagram mod.

GBInstagram arrives loaded with features that make this Instagram mod the best option to make the most of the possibilities of the most popular photo social network.

To begin with, it has a powerful manager that allows us to copy different elements from Instagram.

In this way we will be able to copy the biography of any userIf the user's biography is not copied to the clipboard, you only have to touch the user's biography and it will be copied to the clipboard.

You can also copy any comments from other users in the same way so that you can save them and use them as you wish.

Instagram does not stop updating its interface, the problem is that until we update the application we will not receive all the features. This does not happen with GBInstagram as this Instagram mod is constantly being updated. You just have to click on update to receive the latest version.

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One of the main advantages of this Instagram mod is that it allows us to use multiple Instagram accounts quickly and easily. No, you won't need different apps to use multiple Instagram accounts, as GBInstagram manages them more conveniently.

Another interesting feature of this Instagram mod is the pThe ability to zoom in on other users' profile pictures. This way you only have to tap on the Instagram profile picture you want to enlarge and GBInstagram will do its job.

GBInstagram handles notifications really well simplifying the system so that we know at all times how many people have liked our photos. Couldn't be better, right?

Of course, with GBInstagram we will be able to download Instagram storiesimages and videos. To do this we just have to select the content we want to save and this powerful Instagram mod will do the rest. Customization is another of the strong points of this Instagram mod. In this way, GBInstagram allows us to select the theme we like to give a different look to the interface of the social network.

And finally, if we want to sharing Instagram images or videos via WhatsApp We will only have to select what we want to send to create a URL with which we can share any Instagram content in our favorite messaging service.


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